Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre

It’s Time To Face Your GIANT

What we do

Welcome to Breakthrough Wellness Centre. We are about turning victims into victors by standing firm in support of those who are on the road to recovery from substance abuse. Our environment is one of healing, peace, accountability, and support. 

Together, we build each other up so we are strong enough to be responsible and faithful to our freedom from substances. 

We offer, and facilitate 3 kinds of programmes that are holistic. Ours is to create a safe space for our patients to release, replenish and recover. 

With a professional team on board, our treatment is effective and thorough. We ascertain the provision of a programme that deals with triggers and issues from a root level, to give the best solutions and treatment to our patients. 

We guide you through the process
each step of the way.

21 Day


Our 21-day treatment consists of intense, honest, and thorough ways of getting through to our community of victors so they can have their breakthrough into wellness.

3 Months


We have structured the programme to suit the needs of the individual and launch them into their breakthrough at a pace that allows them to purge and deal with their triggers, traumas, and stress points.

After care

Zoom Meetings

Even after our victors have made their breakthroughs to wellness, we still keep in contact with you.